Without a Fight

Our world has always been one of distinct winners and losers. We tell ourselves that because someone is weaker, because someone is less motivated, because someone is struggling, they deserve to lose. We have been trained on a system where only certain people can win.

Capitalism thrives off of the idea that the strong survive, and the weak don’t. The idea that some people are just smarter, stronger, and more powerful than the rest; that some people are just better. We act surprised when racism and white supremacy run rampant, as if our dear economic system doesn’t breed this deep hatred. The system that repeatedly flogs the working class; the system that beats us down; the system that teaches us to hate each other instead of the puppetmasters pulling all the strings.

They turned us against each other. Sold us the narrative that those people are the ones causing the problem. They gaslighted us and lied to us. They told us that if you’re poor, you aren’t working hard enough. They told us that if you have a disability, there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. They told us that if you don’t like it, vote.

But the people who can bring real change sparingly get elected. And the moment they do, their peers tell them to drop the radical shit or get out. Mega corporations can do more voting then we can ever do. We choose the representatives, but corporate lobbying controls how they vote. The big boys take advantage of our broken system and pull the ladder up so no one else can.

In the United States, we love to talk about freedom of speech. We love to say that we are free. But the FBI assassinated Fred Hampton because he was bringing change. If you speak out, you get silenced; you get bashed by the media; you get detained; you get harassed; you get censored. If you speak out, you could get put on a fucking hitlist.

If there ever was a hill to die on, it’s this one. And sadly, this system isn’t going anywhere. But even so, I’m not going down without a fucking fight.