About Me

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Who I Am

I’m Andrew Kachnic. I build software, make music, and design interfaces. My time is often spent thinking about silly things like why is this thing so slow? could I make it faster/better?

What I Care About

I care about people, technology, and the interfaces that bridge the gaps. I’m constantly thinking about how we can improve the experience of working with software. And I think we can have much better human interfaces than the ones that current exist and I want to try to build them.


In my mind, people and relationships are the best assets you can have. To be able to communicate is gift that tends to go unappreciated. I care about the connections we make, and how those influence our behavior and each other.

Developer Tools

Developer tools hold a special place in my heart- software for building other software. I enjoy working on dev-tools because I can dog-food the result and iterate from there.

My Abilities

If you’ve made it this far, you might have noticed I haven’t listed any specific skills yet. This is fully intentional. I’m proficient in TypeScript, Go, Rust, etc… but I care much more about your values than your tech stack. I don’t want to work for <insert Evil Corporation here>, I want to work on something that can reach people and improve the way we interface with the world.